Are you getting calls from unknown numbers after getting a new SIM? Know what are the rules regarding recycled mobile number

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What happens when a phone number is recycled (Recycled Mobile Number)?

In the telecommunications sector, recycling a phone number is the process where a previously deactivated or disconnected number is reassigned to a different user. The reassignment usually occurs after a minimum period of 90 days, although in areas where the demand for numbers is high (like the 212 or 310 area codes), this process might be expedited.

How can I get a non recycled phone number in India?

You can achieve this by reaching out to the telecommunication service provider in India and asking for a fresh, non-recycled phone number. Following this, you can obtain a new vanity or toll-free number, which not only serves as a unique identifier but also enhances the recognition of your personal or business identity.

How do I get my recycled phone number back?

1) Get in touch with your telecom service provider.
2) Supply them with the necessary account information.
3) Adhere to the guidelines provided by the service provider.
4) Explore the various options for reactivating your number.
5) Check if your old number is still up for grabs.

Is it safe to use a recycled number?

Consider a scenario where a malicious individual manages to uncover information associated with a recycled number. This person could then pretend to be the former owner, potentially launching phishing schemes or engaging in fraudulent activities. Such actions primarily pose a threat to the original number owner and their close contacts.

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